D-ID Jeans

D-ID is the new fashion brand from denim design icon Jimmy Taverniti. D-ID came to us to help create the visual identity for the brand and its website, and our role quickly expanded to working with them on their first campaign, as well as their social media strategy.

The brand marries the idea of european luxury with the independent spirt and naturalism of the American West. Drawing on inspiration from the films of Sergio Leone, D-ID's first campaign communicates a feeling of timeless style that elevates it above ever changing trends in fashion.

Our work began with identifying the brand concepts, and translating these ideas and feelings into a logo and color palette. Using these concepts, we designed the website as a minimalist showpiece for the images of the campaign and collection. Shot by photographer and cinematographer Andrew Shulkind, the campaign images impart a feeling both of cinematic grandeur and intense focus. Using a black and white palette and simple compositions, the images feel both narrative and allegorical. The website works with the same muted color palette and clean, direct visual language.

D-ID felt it was important to launch the brand with a social media strategy to harness the marketing potential of their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We helped them create the strategy for their social presence, as well as content creation.