Sinai Akiba Academy Environment

Sinai Akiba Academy is an elite, private elementary and middle school in Los Angeles, California. Its progressive curriculum encompasses both general and Judaic studies with a focus on personal growth and intellectual inquiry.

In 2012, SAA celebrated its 45th year this year. Its leadership came to Loyal to do a comprehensive rebranding for the school, beginning with its logo, graphic identity, marketing materials, admissions materials, newsletter, and website.

The central challenge of the rebrand was to create both continuity with the former visual identity, while at the same time transforming it to reflect the contemporary, progressive, and elite direction of the institution. Beginning with the logo, we used elements of the original logo's Judaic symbolism, and updated its usage, transforming its presentation. We eventually applied the new identity across all the materials of the school, from its stationary and marketing materials, to its website and outdoor signage.