Shadow Machine

Shadowmachine is an award-winning production house for film, television, commercials, and music videos. They are best known as the studio behind some of Adult Swim’s funniest shows, like Robot Chicken, Frankenhole, Moral Orel, and Titan Maximum. They also do commercials for major brands and music videos, and have recently entered into the feature film world.

With such a varied portfolio, they needed a website that could unite all their work under their single brand. Our work with them began with a tour of their amazing animation studio in Hollywood. As stop-motion animators, they create everything in house — from the miniature sets, to every facial expression of their hand-carved wooden characters.

It is this spirit of unique creativity that unifies their work across different mediums, so we created a website that not only presents their projects, but shows the spirit and culture of the company with imagery of the studios and their quirky collectibles.