We are Loyal.

We are loyal to the success of our clients, to their goals and dreams, and to the projects they’ve hatched. We’re loyal to the craft of doing great work. It’s the reason we show up every morning.

We believe that great design is in the details and decisions should be made for the right reasons. That’s why we labor over questions, move forward strategically, and think deeply about what we create and what we need to achieve.


We never forget the real people sitting on the other side of the screen. And we believe that communicating effectively with your audience and designing something useful for them requires understanding their aspirations, emotions, needs and hang-ups.

So let’s create something amazing, beautiful, and wildly effective together. A new brand. A digital experience. An online tool. A new way to touch your audience. It will take some hard work, but that’s the best part.


Based in Los Angeles, and with a firm footprint in Argentina, we have the distinct pleasure of drawing from a global talent pool of innovative thinkers, designers, developers, strategists, writers, researchers, producers, photographers, architects, data scientists, illustrators, and directors. Our collaborative approach integrates wide-reaching expertise across different disciplines, bringing broad perspectives to a clear point of focus in creative problem solving.


We’ve heard the stories of brands made on cocktail napkins. But for us, creating something truly effective takes more than a few drinks. We work with our clients to understand what they really want to accomplish, and distill what they need to do to get there. This informs every part of our process, from research, branding, content strategy, and user experience, through design, art direction, content creation, and development.


Tamara Jaimovich is the founder and award-winning creative director of Loyal. She’s a fierce & lovely, five foot three immigrant from Argentina, who’s happy to call Los Angeles home.

Her career has involved a bit of globe-trotting, with creative stints in Argentina, Barcelona, and Boston. In 2004, Tamara founded Loyal in Los Angeles, California, and continues to lead the company in its highly integrated and collaborative approach to communication, graphic design, branding, and web development.


Dan Zimmerman wrote a thesis on love poetry, and spent the first half of his career as a composer. Which is all to say that he thinks a great deal about about how we communicate and create emotional experiences.

A graduate of Dartmouth College and the Berklee School of Music, Dan leads Loyal’s team as Executive Producer. He has a proven track-record helping clients achieve strategic objectives and leading projects in branding, communication, design, and digital experience, from Fortune 500 companies and leading universities, to emerging brands and non-profits. He’s a big-picture thinker, a goal-oriented strategist, and a detail-obsessed project manager.

What we do

Brand Design
Research & Analysis
Communication Strategy
Visual Identity
Creation of a “brand voice”
Art Direction

Research & Analysis
Communication Strategy

What our clients say

“Redesigning our website was a monumental journey, and Loyal Design was the perfect partner every step of the way. They brought their unique mix of creative thinking and problem-solving to every meeting and worked tirelessly to create a website that met our goals and elevated our organization. People gush when they visit our site, and we understand why. It’s beautiful and intuitive and easy to use. We still pinch ourselves every time we visit it too.”

“The launch was a HUGE success. In its first three days, the site had well over 14,000 unique users and Twitter absolutely blew up with mentions over the first 48 hours or so. It was insane. I did my first phone interview yesterday for a film blog who referred to the site as a “phenomenon.” The patience, dedication, and enthusiasm you guys had for the project throughout its duration meant more than you know, and I really, truly appreciate how awesome you guys are to work with. Please express my thanks and gratitude to all the programmers and designers. No question, everyone absolutely knocked this out of the park!”

Ted Smith, Founder, The Projection List

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help imagine, create, beautify, and bring to life a site that is SO IKAR. Thank you both so much for being patient with us. You are wonderful to work with and just so good at what you do. Thank you again for your supersavvy expertise, warmth, kindness, and presence with us. It is a joy to work with you.”

Meredith Hoffa
Media & Communications Director, IKAR

“The process of working with Loyal was almost more valuable than the final product. The working dynamic and relationship with Loyal helped us understand our needs and ultimately arrive at a destination well beyond what we initially set out to develop. The result of thinking deeply out the possibilities was pivotal in our branding and our positioning to our public. Our new brand and website finally reflect our own level of professionalism, the values that drive us, and what we truly offer our clients. This has had a huge impact when we reach out to new business targets, and has facilitated referrals to new business opportunities. And the new brand and website have made our own team see ourselves and our work in a fresh, new, and inspiring light.”

Jay Bakaler, President
Metro 18

“We have received such positive feedback on the new site and branding. The overwhelming amount of comments have been centered around how fresh and modern the new site and branding are, as well as how warm and friendly the site comes across from the presentation of the people and fun facts…People have also been very complementary on the ease of navigation. These are the goals we set out to accomplish with the site and they were all achieved! We are all very proud of the final product and we thank you for all of your contributions to making the site and branding so successful.”

Stephanie Gillman
Managing Director, Kayne Anderson Rudnick

“As always, thank you SO much to you, Tamara, and your entire team for your beautiful design and incredibly thoughtful consideration of our department and our needs throughout this entire process.  We are grateful for your rigorous guidance and gracious patience, and are so excited to finally have a website that better reflects the life of our department.”

Samantha Turpel, Program and Media Director
UCLA Department of Art History