Sinai Akiba Academy

Sinai Akiba Academy is a K-8 private school based in Los Angeles, California. Its progressive curriculum encompasses both general and Judaic studies with a focus on personal growth and intellectual inquiry. In 2013, SAA celebrated its 45th anniversary, and came to us to do a comprehensive rebranding for the school, beginning with its logo, graphic identity, marketing materials, and admissions materials.

The Challenge

When we first met Sinai Akiba Academy, we were immediately inspired by its forward-thinking pedagogy. The school had embraced an innovative curriculum of values-based, experiential learning, design thinking, collaborative problem solving, and academic rigor. Their old identity and communication materials, however, were stuck in the past, and neither reflected the institution it had become, nor the target audiences it served.

Our primary objective in the new identity was to update the school’s visual language to reflect its own contemporary, design-centric curriculum and the clear-thinking behind it.

Strategic Content 

Part of our mandate was to develop new campaigns and collaterals to address specific communication objectives. We created a By-The-Numbers poster detailing the School’s important data points to provide greater transparency for the parents and supporters. The old newsletter was replaced by a Journal devoted to distinct themes in education, providing much needed context and background to a discerning and demanding parent body. A new, outward facing ad campaigns boldly tells the story of the school in an engaging and interesting voice that turned heads and extended the waitlist.

Play Structure

The ID itself is a microcosm for the essential ingredients of early education, combining the experimentation and exploration of play with the structure, clarity, and purpose of a mindful curriculum. We created an identity that was based on a strong and upbeat color palette, a bold, young and playful typography, and abstract geometric shapes. The clean layouts communicate the clarity of thinking behind the school and its mission.

With this identity in place, each year’s collaterals feature a unique campaign, based on distinct thematic approaches.