The Projection List

Big data meets minimalism

This is one of those projects that started in a conversation in a sidewalk café, and nine months later shook the Internet. Ted Smith, the founder of The Projection List is a writer and movie super fan. He came to us to create a comprehensive, clutter-free online tool to list the release dates of movies, TV shows, and trailers. We were skeptical that anything truly special could be created solely from already well-publicized, publicly available information. But then we discovered that no one had solved the design challenge of presenting this overwhelming amount of information in a digestible format.


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The hippest spreadsheet you’ve ever seen

The design challenge of The Projection List, was also its raison d’être. TPL sought to create an ultra-streamlined, user-friendly web tool, detailing an enormous amount of information for a hip, young media-obsessed audience.

We designed a logo based around the columns and grid of the tool itself. Without any glitz or visual noise, the brand itself plants a flag firmly in the sand, communicating the transparency and efficiency that TPL offers its audience.

We created an additional mark based around an abbreviation of the name, allowing the client some flexibility when space comes with a premium.

The challenge

TPL lists every major film, tv show, and trailer, detailing when they are released in theaters, online, and over cable, with links to trailers and imdb. Users can manipulate the information, organizing it based on genre, studio, and week of release.

This introduced two major challenges. We needed to provide the user a front-end experience in which this amount of information is accesible, digestible, and attractive. And we needed to build a backend in which Ted and his team could fluidly manage the input of so much information on a daily basis.

The result was a much heralded online tool.

“The launch was a HUGE success. In its first three days, the site had well over 14,000 unique users and Twitter absolutely blew up with mentions over the first 48 hours or so. It was insane. I did my first phone interview yesterday for a film blog who referred to the site as a “phenomenon.” The patience, dedication, and enthusiasm you guys had for the project throughout its duration meant more than you know, and I really, truly appreciate how awesome you guys are to work with. No question, everyone absolutely knocked this out of the park!”

Ted Smith, Founder, The Projection List