We are Loyal.

A creative studio helping companies and organizations build a better world.

What we believe
Communicating effectively with your audience and designing something useful for them requires understanding their aspirations, emotions, needs and hang-ups. Great design is in the details and decisions should be made for the right reasons. That’s why we labor over questions, move forward strategically, and think deeply about what we create and what we need to achieve together.

What we’re here to do
We are fortunate to partner with clients that are in the business of building a better world. We’re loyal to their goals and dreams and the projects they’ve hatched. We’re loyal to the craft of doing great work. It’s the reason we show up every morning.
So let’s create something beautiful, and wildly effective together. A new brand or digital experience. A new way to touch your audience. It will take some hard work, but that’s the best part.

Based in Los Angeles, and with a firm footprint in Argentina, we have the distinct pleasure of drawing from a global talent pool of innovative thinkers, designers, developers, strategists, writers, researchers, producers, photographers, architects, data scientists, illustrators, and directors. Our collaborative approach integrates wide-reaching expertise across different disciplines, bringing broad perspectives to a clear point of focus in creative problem solving.

We’ve heard the stories of brands made on cocktail napkins. But for us, creating something truly effective takes more than a few drinks. We work with our clients to understand what they really want to accomplish, and distill what they need to do to get there. This informs every part of our process, from research, branding, content strategy, and user experience, through design, art direction, content creation, and development.



Tamara Jaimovich is the founder and award-winning creative director of Loyal. She’s a fierce & lovely, five foot three immigrant from Argentina, who’s happy to call Los Angeles home. Her career has involved a bit of globe-trotting, with creative stints in Argentina, Barcelona, and Boston. In 2004, Tamara founded Loyal in Los Angeles, California, and continues to lead the company in its highly integrated and collaborative approach to communication, graphic design, branding, and web development.



Dan Zimmerman wrote a thesis on love poetry and likes to overthink how we communicate and create emotional experiences. A graduate of Dartmouth College and the Berklee School of Music, Dan leads Loyal’s team as Executive Producer. He has a proven track-record helping clients achieve strategic objectives from Fortune 500 companies and leading universities, to emerging brands and non-profits. He’s a big-picture thinker, a goal-oriented strategist, and a detail-obsessed project manager.

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