A-Mark Foundation

Unbiased research for curious minds

The A-Mark Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that supports research in critical social issues. After 25 years, they were in need of a new brand and a new website platform. We worked closely with A-Mark to develop a new brand around the concept of curiosity. Their new website presents both their studies and engages a wider audience with quizzes and cards to help stir important conversations.
Brand/Website — Visit The A-Mark Foundation

Conversation Cards
Originally created as a card deck for engaging conversations, we created a digital experience that prompts visitors to offer responses and play with a wider audience. The visitor responses and interests help the organization identify topic areas for further research.

The website is the primary way that the A-Mark Foundation publishes and distributes its reports. The project entailed the creation of a web-based system to create, format and publish the reports for an audience that is as likely to read on a computer as on a mobile device.


Feeling Confident? Test your knowledge!

Quizzes add a touch of gamification to the academic scholarship in the reports, and help point visitors to discover the reports in their areas of interest.

Illustrating abstract concepts
While the website uses a good deal of photography, we added stylized illustrations to introduce humor and a visual language to evoke the abstract concepts of the research.