Milken Community School

A school to welcome you home

Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles is an innovative middle school and high school that offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum rooted in Jewish values. In a process that engaged every audience of the brand, from leadership and faculty, to current students, parents and alumni, we worked to develop an image of the values the schools truly stands for and the extraordinary and the unique experience it provides its student community. The new brand has been embraced by the community and has flourished on campus from the signage and interiors, to the school uniforms worn daily.

A logo that reveals itself
The multidimensional nature of Milken inspired us to create a logo that draws attention to the emergence of a three-dimensional shape from a two-dimensional plane.

The genesis of the logo
Tasked with working with the M, we looked to ancient Jewish sources on letters as inspiration. One commentary imagined the letters of the ten commandments to be floating, completely chiseled through the blue stone of lapis lazuli. This inspired us to create a logo in which the M is created in the negative space.