Making community accessible, inclusive, and meaningful.

OneTable facilitates gatherings for young adults to come together to experience Shabbat in a way that resonates with their contemporary lives. We were proud to partner with OneTable to reimagine their brand and website, to reflect their warmth, their innovative spirit, and the meaningful impact they have with their audiences.
Brand/Website — Visit OneTable

Brand expansion

We were excited to refresh the OneTable brand to add warmth through a larger color palette, and to expand the library of design elements.


OneTable’s extensive library of Resources enables visitors to browse through hundreds of articles, videos, and guides. Visitors can filter through topics or types of resource (video, sound, or articles).


Interactive location search

A map of the U.S. and Canada shows visitors where the OneTable hubs are located, and offers information about each hub.



The new website showcases OneTable’s research in a design that makes it easy for users to read each report, jump through the different sections, and share the findings.