The Hunger Museum

An interactive history of hunger in America

The Hunger Museum is an ambitious virtual museum created with MAZON: The Jewish Response to Hunger. The project envisions a museum on the mall of Washington DC., and presents visitors immersive exhibits about the history of hunger and food policy in the United States.
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The map
Like a physical museum, the experience is organized in an architectural structure of galleries, exhibits, venues where the visitor can learn and interact. An interactive map allows visitors to easily explore the museum by clicking on venues, galleries, and exhibits.


A rich content experience
Each exhibit displays a wide mix of content, featuring historical videos and recordings, photography and dynamic visuals. The visitor is invited to move alongside a large display wall, and click on media artifacts to learn more.

A Wishing Tree to End Hunger
At the center of the museum a Wishing Tree invites visitors to leave their wishes for the millions of Americans who experience food insecurity. Visitors can also read the moving messages others have left.

Images contain a story
Some exhibits are structured around a single iconic image. Specific points in the image are highlighted to tell a larger story.


The Snap Café
An interactive game asks visitors to try to make a balanced meal with the amount provided in the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap). The challenge of completing the game underscores the difficulties recipients of Snap experience, and the dire need for additional funding.